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Time Management

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ZKTime EU Enterprise Time & Attendance Software

ZKTime Enterprise is an advanced T&A application for ZKTeco terminals that allows to manage all In/Out
attendance and access records, controlling all kind of attendance events (breakfast, lunch, medical,
personal business, smoke etc..), accrued balance and payroll methods. It works matching and processing
punches automatically after downloading from terminals (using Windows service application), warning
about odd number punches or days in a special case, facilitating and speeding up the work of attendance
For accrued balance, it allows to define the balance concepts and mathematical operations for each
attendance event received.
With respect to payroll, It has the ability to divide the hours worked according to different concepts (normal,
extra, night, bank holiday, etc..) and carrying an economic assessment of the same.
Therefore, it includes an access control module, where you can define different access time slots and days
for each employee.
It can operate together with Atalaya-2, ZKTeco’s web staff portal.

  •  Works with MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle. Allows multi-company and multi-user.
  • Includes private calendar and profile, as well as flexible work timetables.
  • All attendance events can be defined in private calendar, including absent events.
  • It can store fingerprints and faces of employees for recognition in biometric terminals
  • Allows set different cost prices per employee as well as different payroll methods per day type.
  • Supports diurnal, nightly, rotating and flexible shifts. 
  • Allows evaluations of payroll per shift, mandatory attendance times, periods of validity of events and support for workdays over 24 hours
  • Possible create estimated or fixed shift schedules.
  • Public calendars can be defined and then customized for each employee.
  • Supports days with hourly variations or attendance events.
  • It allows set the yearly standard holidays dates and set day types for all payroll calculation.