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USB Readers

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CR20 Series USB Reader

CR20 Series are accessories designed to read (CR20E/M) & write (CR20M/W) proximity cards. They are connected to PC through USB Port (Plug & play). They allow high speed transactions and incorporate LED indicators. CR20M/W includes communication protocol for development and it’s compatible with S.O Windows 32 bits. CR20E and CR20M are compatible with all kind of windows S.O and read the same serial number as ZKTeco devices.

  • Frequency 125KHz (CR20E), 13.56MHz (CR20M/CR20M-W)
  • Read Range: Up to 10CM (125 KHz) / Up to 5CM (13.56MHz)
  • Read card number only (CR20E/CR20M)
  • Read and write functionality (CR20M/W)
  • USB Interface
  • Power by USB
  • High speed transactions
  • LED Indicator and buzzer feedback
  • No need driver (emulation keypad) Compatible with windows98/2000/XP/Vista/windows7 (CR20E/M)
  • Communication protocol available for development (CR20M/W)
  • Compatible with windows2k/2003/XP/Vista (32bits)/windows7 (32bits)