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ZKTeco in the best kitchen of the world

Published at 7/19/16

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ZKTeco controls timetables and schedules of the best chef in the world.

ZKTeco has over 25 years presence in the global market, providing the most innovative and complete solutions for security and time management.

Even with our wide range of solutions, there are clients who need more specific solutions for their activity. In ZKTeco we are aware of it so we offer the possibility to integrate our products into their own solutions thanks to our free SDK for developers.  

It is the case of our partner Equalog, company specialized in offering tailored solutions for hostelry sector in France, planning and managing employees’ schedules and timetables, always according to the rules and regulations required from that country.




One of its 1000 partners around the world is the restaurant Le Suquet, which offers the genuine style of cuisine from Michel Bras, voted as the most influential and respected chef in the world (Read new). Le Suquet manages the schedules of the kitchen staff thanks to ZKTeco simple T&A device S260C (View product) integrated with Equastar software.


From ZKTeco encourage you to visit Le Suquet, situated on a promontory overlooking Laguiole, where you will be able to discover and taste the Bras Philosophy. And why not… rely on ZKTeco solutions to manage your own business!