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New LPR Solution

Published at 8/9/17

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The solution is composed of a set of applications for License plate recognition with Access Control Management to use with ZKTeco Standalone terminals, Access Control Panels and barriers.


It includes a Windows Service called ZKBioAccess with an application interface to use together with VPar Server by Neural Labs.
VPAR provides a system for detecting and reading License Plates from Cars, Containers and Trains ID or Hazard Plates, with the maximum reading reliability, thus offering an immediate time-to-market.




Some of the main advantages of our combined solution are:

  • Supports 3rd Party IP cameras
  • Access Control Linkage with ZKTeco Parking barriers through ZKAccess3.5
  • 98% or bigger reliability rating on LPR
  • Recognition of 2-line vehicle plates
  • Possibility of providing up to 8 vehicle plates in one image
  • Duplicated license plate filtering
  • Integrates its own database
  • LPR from vehicles in movement (Free-Flow) or stopped (Stop & Go).
  • Supported Plates from more than 60 countries worldwide