With over 30 years of history, and with a solid endeavour in becoming world leaders in the science of biometrics, your solution is only a touch of a finger away


  • 1985 – First R&D on Fingerprint algorithm
  • 1998 – Commercialization of Fingerprint ID products
  • 1999 – International network established
  • 2001 – Launch of ZK Algorithm
  • 2002 – Manufacture of standalone product series
  • 2002 – Opening of Shenzhen factory
  • 2004 – Penetration to global market with cost efficient fingerprint series
  • 2005 – Issue embedment-style fingerprint development tool ZEM300
  • 2006 – Issue embedment-style fingerprint development tool ZEM400/500
  • 2007 – ZK releases iClock Series, symbolizing the arrival of the TFT era. 
  • 2008 – Launch of fingerprint door lock, ZEM600 board, iFace and mobile terminal
  • 2009 – Opening of ZKUSA and ZK South Africa Subsidiaries and ZK Brazil, ZK Dubai, ZK India and ZK Thailand offices.
  • 2009 – The Dongguan Industrial Garden is inaugurated, for greater mass production due to global market demand.
  • 2010 – ZKTeco Europe, the European Head Office of ZKTeco opens in Madrid to offer European clients complete support throughout the continent, to open new markets, and manifest ZKTeco as a leading brand of T&A and Access Control technology in Europe.
  • 2011 – Launched BioCam100, the First-in-the-World embedded face recognition camera.
             – Launched the InBio series, the First-in-the-World Fingerprint access control panel.
             – Established branch offces in Dubai, Thailand and Mexico.
  • 2012 – Launched ZK MultiBio 3.0, the first multi biometric algorithm with fingerprint, face, iris and vein recognitions
  • 2013 – Established a manufacturing center for products of  entrance security and carpark management.
              – Established branch offces in India and Philippines
  • 2014  – Launched the First-in-the-World face recognition door lock.
              – Established ZK Xiamen Software Center.
              – Established branch offces in Hong Kong, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Malaysia
  • 2015  – Released ZKTime.Net 3.0, a new generation of time & attendance management software
              – Announced the opening of ZKAccess, the new independent security division in US
  • 2016 – Released X-Ray series inspection series and offcially approved by the Ministry of Public Safety China
             – Established Security Research and development Center in Italy
  • 2017 – Established branch offce in Dublin to provide support to Ireland and the UK
  • 2018 – ZKTeco Europe opens new headquartes in Madrid, Spain