Vein & FP & RFID

inPulse+ is a multi-Biometric Finger Vein Standalone Access Control Terminal

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MultiBio 800

Face & RFID & FP

MultiBio 800 is multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal

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FB3200 Series

Flap Barrier

FB3200 is a double-wing flap barrier to be equipped with FB3000 to form multi-entrances.

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SKW Series

Standalone RFID Keypad

The SKW-V2 or SKW-H2 is a Standalone Keypad single-door controller with metal shell.

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BIOPAD 100 Android


Flexible Data Collection terminal with Android Operating System

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inBIO 460

Access Controller

inBIO a new concept access controller based on biometric identification aims to improve the security of users’ life and inform

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