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Video Surveillance

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ZKiVision Client Software Video Surveillance Software

ZKiVision Client Software is a piece of network video surveillance software provided by ZK Technology free of charge. ZKiVsion v.4.2 software integrates the face identification algorithm v9.0 with ZKIP Camera perfectly, which can realize the function of detecting, capturing and identifying 8 faces simultaneously per second. It can register the user by capturing his face automatically in real-time video surveillance and face identification, simple time and attendance management, access control linkage, alarm output and electronic map. It is ideal for securing public locations such as enterprise and public institutions, government, customs, airport, luxury residence district, large factory and kindergarten.


Real-time faces: “Real-time faces” is going to store all the faces detected after face identification function is started in the IPC. It will display the latest faces and store 5000 pieces faces at max. If exceeded, faces will be overlapped. If stop face identification function, “Real-time faces” storage will also stop.
Initiative Register: Captures 16 faces of multi-angle with voice prompt.
Linkage Alarm: Users can make linkage alarm setting after connecting cameras with access control devices. There are various kinds of input signal to trigger linkage actions such as to use detected general face to open door..
Blacklisted User: It can avoid unnecessary loss with this function. Users can blacklist a person who is suspected to be nongrata in the software. The system will alarm when the blacklisted user appears next time.
Face Searching: “Face searching” function is to allow users to search faces from all recording videos. In the sub-menu of “Event search”, all faces in the recording videos that day will be searched out precisely by default. Users can choose precise search or quick search, also can realize filter search based on time, IPC, alarms, users, etc.
Face Event: Face event function is to allow users to record and save log with face function enabled. Users can click access to the related video when the log shows in red color.